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Celebrating FIFTEEN YEARS in business

Celebrating FIFTEEN YEARS in business

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Dr. Melissa Hummel

Kim Vella, RN, BSN, Senior Nurse Injector

Marilyn Gilroy, RN, BSN, Laser Specialist

Lani Bland, Operations Manager



Amy Powers, Managing Owner

It is with pride, gratefulness and my sincere appreciation to acknowledge these compassionate, dedicated and extremely talented women of Rejuvenations Medical Spa. These women have forged a pathway in our community as industry leaders of their craft for 15 years!  It goes without saying these women have built the foundation of Rejuvenations Medical Spa and are the reason this Medical Spa is the PREMIERE Medical Spa facility in the Midlands.

Dr. Melissa Hummel
An inspiration, a true physician leader in our Aesthetic industry and is undoubtedly the most highly regarded physician injector in the Midlands.  Dr. Hummel’s numerous patients love her dedication to her craft, safe injection practices, her reputable experience and appreciate her staying on top of continued education in the ever changing aesthetic world.

Kim Vella, RN, Senior Nurse Injector 
Through compassion, dedication and a natural talent for an “artistic eye” and facial structure, Kim has become Columbia’s "Nurse Sweetheart"!  Kim has a longstanding return patient base and continues to help change the lives of our community through her expert skill set injecting but also in her unbiased and honest recommendations, specific for each patient she sees.

Marilyn Gilroy, RN 
The most caring, humble and gracious Laser Technician has retired; however, deserves acknowledgment of her valued dedication to Rejuvenations Medical Spa.  Marilyn will be very hard to replace as her patients have been loyal and valued the expertise she had of her craft for over a decade.  THANK YOU Marilyn for allowing us to share your talents, experience as an excellent aesthetic laser therapist, and to be such a true example of what it means to be a servant to the people.  Our entire staff is going to miss "Mary-land", we all love her so much and wish her the best in her next life stage.

Lani Bland, Operations Manager   
The heartbeat of Rejuvenations and the life support for the office, Lani has been and continues to be a valued asset and treasure of Rejuvenations Medical Spa.  It is through tenacity, organization and tireless dedication for the success of this practice that Lani’s representation for 15 years is unparalleled!

The talents, hearts and exceptional skill sets of our experienced and educated employees are what makes the backbone of Rejuvenations Medical Spa.  We are thankful and humbled that our community has blessed us with 15 years of business.  We value each of our patients, enjoy taking care of you all and will continue to strive to be and do our best to serve the Midlands for many more years to come.

Sincerely, Amy Powers
Owner, Managing Partner
Laser Specialist
Coolsculpting Specialist
Certified Aesthetic Consultant
ASLMS Fellow