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Check out our IGTV to watch a demo of an application of AQUAGOLD® FINE TOUCH™!

The perfect finishing touch!  Smaller pores, brighter tone, reduced fine lines and extra hydration.

The AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ treatment efficiently delivers the desired amount of solution at a consistent, pain-free depth over a large surface area. The applicator, which is made up of 24-carat gold-plated stainless steel to prevent irritation and allergic reactions, transfers the treatment solution into the dermis through 20 microneedles that are thinner than human hair.   

Two things happen when the applicator penetrates the skin:

1.   Tiny pores are created from the microneedles  

2.   A delivery trigger in the middle of the microneedle surface opens a valve allowing the treatment solution to flow through the sheaths on the microneedles into the tiny pores in the dermis.   Here at Rejuvenations Medical Spa, the most common treatment solution is made up of neurotoxins and hyaluronic acid fillers.

Optimal results are achieved through a series of treatments determined during a consultation. Treatments are comfortable and only take approximately 45 minutes total. We encourage patients to avoid direct sun exposure for a few days, although all normal activities can be resumed upon leaving our office.